Power Colour Combinations

Colour effects human behaviour and feelings in the home, as they do in art. Beyond pastel colour palettes encouraging calm and relaxation, certain colour combos produce even greater connotations. Take for example, primary colours (red, blue and yellow) when used together suggest a youth-oriented appearance, while jewel tones such as deep purple and royal blue indicate a regal and formal environment. There are limitless colour possibilities when it comes to your home’s décor. For those who are not shy about colour, here are a few power colour combinations to inspire the imagination:

Some people may argue that black and white are not actual colours, however for decorating purposes they certainly are, and bold ones at that when combined together. Black represents power, formality and sophistication. White exemplifies purity, innocence, and simplicity. Decorating in black and white creates a unique and striking look for any room. Think houndstooth or of the balance of the yin-yang when putting a room together, therefore try to mix and match. Patterns work well in black and white, whether it’s on wallpaper, area rugs or lamps. To take the look to the next level, throw in a precious few fire-engine red accessories.

This colour combination glimmers of opulence. Think old Hollywood Glamour with velvet drapes and gold tassels or two-tone burgundy striped furniture with gold grommets. Burgundy may be too dark a paint tint for an entire room, depending on room size, however burgundy as one accent wall would work well, with the other walls a warm golden colour. Combining burgundy and gold in a wallpaper pattern could also be quite lovely.

Green is a far underrated colour. There’s something about green that soothes the soul; it could be that it represents nature, wealth and good luck. From lime to emerald to army green, there will be a green that catches your eye. Compliment your green décor with a hint of pink. Look to spring tulips for inspiration. Depending on how daring you are will determine the shades of green and pink to use. One could use a bright leaf green on the walls and really add pizzazz with one fuchsia pink accessory such as a throw pillow. If that’s not quite your style, try a pale pistachio for bed linens and rose pink pillow shams. This colour combo would also work very well in a nursery.

Blue symbolizes harmony, confidence and peace, while Saffron embodies sunlight, earth and happiness, These colours enhance each other, despite not being exactly opposing colours on the colour wheel. This combination is often seen in European pottery and as such they work exceptionally well in the kitchen. That’s not to say one couldn’t do this in a family or bed room. Saffron has such a warm feel it would do well in any room and balancing it with blue will help complete the look. Look to blue and white striped linens and saffron coloured walls or blue floral wallpaper with saffron coloured furnishings—Oprah’s guest seating on her studio stage is this colour. Who said you couldn’t have saffron leather in the living room?

Although both gray and lilac are light in hue, combined together they create a delicately sensual ambience. Gray signifies elegance and balance, while lilac denotes spirituality and creativity. Taking inspiration from the pairing of a gray vest with a lilac button-down, imagine lilac walls with crisp gray linens or a gray tablecloth with lilac napkins. Try a monocromatic gray room (by varying grays in darkness, lightness, and textures) with a few bold lilac items such as lampshades, a throw blanket and a painting on the wall.

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